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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Maruti Alto 800 #TohChaleinKya Mumbai? Let's go move forward!


Hello everyone!

Are you enjoying monsoon and spending adequate time indoors, cooking delicious food and binge watching the latest series of fantastic culinary shows like Masterchef Australia on television Chef’s Table on Netflix?

Same pinch.

Apart from all that, I’ve been unforgivably busy setting up and simultaneously juggling the opportunity of planning to launch a few new food brands: including a small kitchen and a unique food-merchandise brand. Lensplate's website is now ready and we will go live with it sometime during next week; followed by other launches during the end of this year. Hopefully, if our plans formulate according to the time we aspire to achieve it in.

Apart from chasing my biggest passion towards food, my business partners Snehsha, Kiran and I are also building brands internally, under our newest venture called Risevertise, which is currently positioned as a creative agency, especially for other start-ups and people who share my passion for food and creativity like me.

We are building a team of experts for our office in Andheri, who specialise in photography, design, video production, social media marketing, web design and various other kinds of digital, as well as BTL activities. We have currently partnered with a few small QSRs in Mumbai and a few newly set up brands from different cities; in the FMCG, television, automobile and technology industries respectively.

I know it has been really long since I have managed to resume reviewing my culinary experiences again, especially newly launched restaurants on this blog; and I’d like to say this from the bottom of my heart…

I’m sorry.

However, this time, I promise to finally resume writing from this month, and gradually increase the frequency of sharing my food stories with you, at least once every fortnight. We are rebranding and redesigning this portal as well, while you read this story on it and the new look should go live during the last week of August.

I've spent a few days with the new Maruti Alto 800 and we hope you enjoy reading our experiences at not-so-usual and offbeat places Snehsha and I visited in Mumbai with this new ride!

#TohChaleinKyaMumbai was an initiative by Maruti to encourage its customers to visit unique places and try unique activities in different metropolitan cities. I hope you enjoy my recommendations of unique activities you could opt for in or around Mumbai, when you have time to spend with your car and dearest friends or family members!

Here's a moment captured with our dedicated and humble driver for those few days, Chintamani, when we met him for the first time at Maruti’s dealership outlet in Navi Mumbai.

Let the exploring begin!

Why settle for just 3D when you can enjoy watching movies in 4D at Cinepolis in Thane! Yes, you read that correctly. MOVIES IN 4D!

What is 4D? 4-D film is a marketing term for an entertainment presentation system combining a 3D film with physical effects that occur in the theatre, in synchronisation with the film. Effects simulated in a 4D film may include rain, wind, strobe lights, and vibration. Seats in 4D venues may vibrate or move a few inches during the presentations. Other common chair effects include air jets, water sprays, and leg and back ticklers. Hall effects may include smoke, rain, lightning, air bubbles, and smell.

Our time at Cinepolis was something that we hadn’t experienced before and you can know more about what they offer on

That day, after our show ended at 4 PM, we decided to enjoy a long drive from Thane to Marine Drive, just for some never-tried-before ice cream! Adventurous much? No actually, because I was sure there would not be much traffic on Eastern Express Highway during that time of the day.

We ended up enjoying the unique and insanely popular green chili ice cream at Bachelorr’s. You should go beat the heat on a sunny day with some never-tried-before ice cream flavours like green chilli and watermelon-litchi fusion out there, with access to the iconic view of the marine from the beginning of its promenade.

After spending some time at Marine Drive, I decided to drive the new Maruti Alto 800 home to my new apartment in Lokhandwala, where I’ve shifted recently with my family. On our way, we were greeted by the inescapable traffic jam at Mahim and Bandra, so we decided to let the peak hour pass by and parked the car in a lane near the church.

A friend of mine had told me about how walking on skywalks is going to be the next big thing for fitness freaks in the city. I had missed my morning run that day, so we decided to enjoy a nice long evening walk on the new skywalks constructed for pedestrians near Mahim Church. When we reached this spot on top of the skywalk, where we could view hundreds of cars pacing through right below us, we took this picture and also shot a time-lapse video on our smartphones.

Stand still and embrace the chaos of and your existence in Mumbai, from newly constructed skywalks at Mahim.
I used the car for another day, mostly to commute for meetings with potential clients in the city and to share my feedback and suggestions with the team at Maruti’s dealership in Nerul.

They say most men are overly attached to their cars and gadgets. Well, I might not be an exception to that stereotype. I enjoyed rediscovering a few of my favourite spots in (and around) Mumbai with the new Maruti Alto 800.

Sadly, it was time to say goodbye after day 2, so I thought of giving the car back slightly ceremoniously. I got the management to pick it up from this favourite spot of mine in Dadar, after enjoying the sunset and kadak chai, followed by a few con-calls with my clients.

It was a pleasure to be a part of #TohChaleinKyaMumbai and I hope all of you enjoyed our simple yet unusual recommendations of not-so-usual places in Mumbai.

Thanks and good luck, Team Maruti!

Hugs and regards from team Lensplate & yours truly, 

The Big Bhookad™

Monday, July 11, 2016

To follow the law or not? What’s a dish without a pinch of salt?


Hey, guys! 
Hope you’re hogging happily as always! 

I don’t usually choose to write about my opinions on anything else apart from food, especially on this blog, but being a social junkie, I’ve been reading a lot about the turf war between Ola and Uber, and I am amazed to see how it has gone so far into the blogosphere and social media. 

Both cab aggregators in their own ways have benefitted commuters and simultaneously improved livelihood of drivers. Technology is solving most of the problems faced by common people. The same technology has made possible, for people like me and you to hop on a Kaali Peeli or any cab as and when I want. So, here I  thought of moving beyond Roti just this time and write a bit on probably the most influential and important aspect beyond Roti, Kapda aur Makaan which is Gaadi or transportation!

image source:
What you are going to read below, are my personal opinions and everything I have to say, has nothing to do with which side I’m on. This attempt is only and solely to share my unbiased thoughts on the entire debate around the flouting Indian laws, as neutrally as possible. I’m nothing more than just another customer or commuter in Mumbai, who chooses to opt for kaali peeli, Ola or Uber, when I need to travel within the city.

So what was happening?

Recently the state transport department of Karnataka issued a licence to Ola under the On-Demand Transportation Technology Aggregators Rules 2016. Ramegowda, Karnataka’s state transport commissioner where he said: “We have issued licences to Ola and now they can operate under the conditions of the rules.” This is important because Karnataka is the first state and Maharashtra is looking to take inspiration from there!

However, Uber has not obtained a licence from the Karnataka Government, only because they are yet to provide all the required details - said a joint commissioner at Karnataka’s transport department. You can read more about this on Mint

Uber had started and stated in their petition that the government “appears to be coming up with new requirements on a daily basis, bordering on the absurd”.

Approximately 2 weeks ago, Uber wrote in a blog post that Ola is making "baseless allegations" to "confound and complicate matters," even as the San Francisco based company finds itself on a sticky wicket with the Karnataka government; with which it is at odds over regulations governing taxi aggregators.

So what is happening now?

This controversy began to heat up after Ola filed an affidavit before the Karnataka High Court on 27th June, accusing their rival Uber of flouting the rules, and roping in white board (non-passenger) vehicles to offer taxi services.

Instead of submitting progress on their compliance and adherence to law, Uber started a tangent view to distract people. They tried to play a card with ‘nationalism’ in perspective, instead of complying to the order given to them. 

Internationally too, media reports say, that Uber has been a law-breaker throughout. Meru, in fact, has listed down the unlawful practices by Uber in its blog. You can read all about that here.

Why should established companies like Uber NOT follow rules? Uber, while contributing to the livelihoods of thousands, possibly without their consent turn them into law-breakers. The law is the law, it treats and applies to everyone equally. None of us can be under or over it. 

Ola Vs Uber | Swadesi vs Pardesi

I have both your applications on my mobile phone and I opt for both of your services frequently. Though I love these gossips and charcha over chai but like my mum always says, hogging too much biriyani ain't that good for my tummy. Uber, please stop rebelling against the law. Kindly overcome your legal obstacles and focus on making the experience better for all your customers like me.

I’d like to end this unusual rant of mine with what my new favourite comedian, Zakir Khan, shared on YouTube recently: koi baat nahiToh koi baat nahi yaar, let’s grow like adults without violating the law and becoming serial offenders.

Keep calm and ride with peace.

Regards and bear hugs from yours truly,
The Big Bhookad™

Friday, April 29, 2016

Has The Big Bhookad™ stopped blogging? No!


Hey, all you food maniacs!
Hope you're happy stuffing your faces as always!

So, I've heard there's a lot of speculation going around this particular rumour about me. Have I stopped blogging? I'd like to answer that question today.


According to, the definition of a blog is: a website containing a writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other websites. According to Wikipedia, a blog (a truncation of the expression called weblog) is a discussion or informational site published on the World Wide Web, consisting of discrete entries (posts) typically displayed in reverse chronological order (the most recent posts always appear first).

Definition of 'blog' in iOS' dictionary.

The common and stereotypical assumption or understanding of a blogger, is an individual who is enviously active on the world wide web, who has an exceptional amount of 'engagement' on their digital properties, usually built over a few years, usually also with the usage of leading, trending, contemporary or most-preferred social media platforms.

Now, let me clarify what exactly being 'a blogger' means.

Being a blogger requires a huge deal of patience, as well as time. For any blog to be successful at SEO and/or engaging fans/followers/readers for a long term of time, it needs to be updated as regularly as possible, preferably daily, or twice or even thrice a day if need be.

The entire world of internet is like an infinitely deep and littered ocean, with innumerable amounts of abandoned blogs that have not been updated in months, some in years, some even in decades. The success of blogging actually seeds from having people interact with you and experience genuine moments from your life, and only return when there's new content to read or watch or consume; in any manner that every distinct platform is positioned and enabled for.

Blogging does not restrict one person to publish or update content only on one single platform. On the contrary, the ideal process of blogging involves its blogger to use multiple platforms on the web, especially the newly popular ones, solely to consistently and continuously have personal stories to share with different audiences on different properties, with reality being the most crucial element of treatment throughout publishing; and honestly sharing moments out of that person's real life.

The term blogging simply defines the process of generating standardised content, at least several times a week, which takes time, sincere effort and ideas to write honestly and consistently. To keep the content generating all the time, bloggers like me have to constantly ideate and persevere in crafting and maintaining the importance of my voice, which gradually grows bigger and reaches more people in my city or even country, as I keep sharing my real stories, one day at a time.

Long story shot, I've been working on building my new ventures and also a new food delivery brand, but apart from being unforgivably busy with work, I've been focussing on sharing my stories on my 4 primary social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and now also on Snapchat - with the same handle across all platforms: @thebigbhookad

This blog, is already under redevelopment, as I aspire to eventually transform it into a content factory, with many new categories, including travel stories, national/global culinary reviews, a team of talented food writers, food merchandise for sale etc.

Since January, I've been re-channeling all my food reviews on a newly explored platform, YouTube, with my brand new web-series called Bhookad Express. To watch the pilot episode of The Big Hunger Challenge, kindly scroll down to my previous blog post.

Here, check out all the 8 reviews (so far) embedded especially for you below:








I promise to revamp and reformulate the content strategy for this portal by or before July 2016. For now, please enjoy watching my videos on YouTube and keep calm till I undergo some serious restructuring, especially for what made me:

Happy hogging!
The Big Bhookad™

Monday, January 4, 2016

The Big Bhookad™ is now #MovingForward



So the time has come for me to lay rest, 
What I had set out to create, something close to best

An enriching attempt to debut this on your TV screen,
Became a journey to places I have heard of but never seen

Due to trials and (t)errors that plague us all,
I pick myself back up, ready to move, not afraid to fall

Chameleons honoured me by showcasing their true nature,
One can use one's own sense, and see the real picture

I can feel the love of my mother’s prayers,
The Big Bhookad is not a belly that can be fed by betrayers

A fan of fedoras, I'll now continue to wear many hats,
Look ahead in the direction of hope, and play more bets

A creative writer, photographer, actor and a lost cook,
It's time, let me now create Adarsh Munjal's own storybook

Cheers to the year gone by and becoming my boss full-time!
I've defeated my illusions and listened to my heart's rhyme

Let's pick up our cameras, a fork and a knife
Let me be a connoisseur of food, with an appetite for life.

- x - x - x - x - x - x -

It's the 4th day of 2016 and I'm immensely proud to announce the launch of my YouTube channel with all of you.

We have shared the first of many videos we are going put out this year. It's called "THE BIG HUNGER CHALLENGE" and it features the baddest, meanest and BIGGEST quesadilla available in India! 

Full props to Cafe Nemo at Worli to pull this challenge off so well! Kudos to their chef's talent and spirit too! Enjoy watching the first ever episode of The Big Hunger Challenge!

Don't forget to subscribe to my new channel and keep watching my newest videos on YouTube!

Happy watching!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

50 Best Dishes The Big Bhookad™ Tried in 2015


What's up, Bhookads! I'm back with your most awaited list of my 50 top food recommendations in 2015!

Don't forget to look up #BhookadRecommends on Instagram for the most praiseworthy culinary experiences in Mumbai, accumulated just for you since 2013. PRAISEWORTHY GUARANTEED! 

Here are 50 best dishes The Big Bhookad™ tried and recommended in 2015:


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A photo posted by The Big Bhookad™ (@thebigbhookad) on

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A photo posted by The Big Bhookad™ (@thebigbhookad) on

A photo posted by The Big Bhookad™ (@thebigbhookad) on

Hope you have a great year in 2016!
Happy hogging!