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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Kem cho?
Me too wearing pajamas!

Due to public demand, I'm going to review a vegetarian restaurant this time.

*Please insert 'ghaas-phoos' jokes here*

Believe it or not, most of my friends are vegetarians. Some of them know karate, some of them have mastered the art of bugging me and I owe some money to the remaining few. And they all know where I live.

So, yeah.

Rajdhani is renowned for its royal thalis, and they have a daily fixed menu with enough items to exceed my consistent 2nd grade knowledge of numbers.

I'd like to comment on their service first. They welcome you warmly with a huge smile and respectful gestures, and nodding awkwardly. Speaking of gestures, did you know they have these weird gang-signs for every dish? It's like playing dumb charades with food! Anyway, the point being, they make you feel at ease before you dig into brilliant Marwari-and-somewhat-Gujarati delicacies.

Here’s a list of dishes served by them that day:
• Sandwich Dhoklas
• Aloo Palak Pakodas
• Daal Baati (With enough ghee to fatten the entire of Afghanistan)
• Meethi Dal
• Teekhi Moong Dal Tadka
• Stuffed Tendli ka subji (Eeks!)
• Gatti ki subji
• Aalu Tamatar Ka Subji
• Dahi ni Kadhi
• Churma
• Bajra ni rotli
• Rotla with jaggery and ghee
• Mini Parathas & Chapatis
• Dal Khichda
• Steamed Rice
• Kachumbar, Garlic Chutney, Tomato Chutney & Sweet Mango Pickle (Chunda) and papads on the side.
• Basundi and Loki Halwa for dessert

Hmm, that’s all.

Oh, and I also ordered for smoked chaas. Yes, SMOKED CHAAS.
Sounds trippy, no? Well, it was!

A very distinctive taste of curd, spices and mint combined with the flavor of coal. I highly recommend it to all of you.

Everything was unlimited, including the dhoklas and pakodas, which I personally liked a lot. Unfortunately, all the three subjis were below average, but Gatti ki subji was quite delicious. Their daal-baati was to die for! I must have had at least three helpings of that dish. Food was served hot and I’d give full marks to the quality of ingredients and the friendly service provided by their waiters.

Moving on to the conclusion…

What's Garma-Garam?
Their side-dishes take all the attention and the daal khichda topped with ghee was awesome!

What's Thanda?
Awful subjis, dude!
Who the hell wants to have TINDLE or that watery aalu subji, man!?

Kuch Hatke:
Definitely THE Smoked Chaas.

Andar Ki Baat:
I would request you to go on weekdays as weekends are raided by Jains, Patels and Shahs.

Dakaar Level: 4/5.

Chances of visiting this place again within a month: 60%

Do comment if you like this site.
Feedback would be appreciated by distributing free beer.
*God promise.*

So, that's all for now.
Happy hogging!




  1. Hey man, dont review these places. You and i both know youre not going again. If there aint meat on the thali, phir pet rahega khali.

  2. I have surely disappointed you, haven't I?

    Honestly, I will go there again.
    I, err, somewhat like marwari food. :|

    Please don't judge me.

    *Slyly hands over a beer to you*

  3. Yeah... I agree with Devin. I doubt if you're going to make another trip to Rajdhani for a few years, unless all the non-veg restaurants in the city shut down!
    Also, thanks for the effort ~ on behalf of all the vegetarians who pestered you!! :P
    And I agree with the Tindli ki subji (who goes to a restaurant to eat THAT????)

  4. Precisely my point.
    I hate vegetables, and they serve TINDLI?

    Like, SERIOUSLY?! :/

  5. Nice!!! whatz d price per thali? Have u tried 'Kalash' ka thali?

  6. Hey, Prajakta!
    Thanks for your compliments! :)

    Rs. 245 per thali.
    Rs. 20 extra for 'smoked chaas' and Rs. 9 for extra 'meetha pan'.

    And where is this KALASH?

    (Which sounds like a new K-serial, by the way.) :|

  7. hehe... Check out this link -, You get good food but im not sure about the smoked chhaas and pan... if u come to the western side anytime, gimme a call, will go for pet bharke lunch! :D n keep writing...

  8. *ghaas phoos joke*

    Why did the tofu cross the road?
    To prove he wasn't chicken.

  9. *ghaas phoos joke*

    Why did the tofu cross the road?
    To prove he wasn't chicken.

    Q : What does a Maharashtrian mean by "fast food"?
    A : Sabudana Khichdi.

    What did the Gujju have in the morning?
    A) LIGHT SNAKES for breakfast.