40 Best Dishes #BhookadRecommends from 2016

Hello, hello, hello!

I know some of you are waiting to go through this annual list of my culinary recommendations in Mumbai. Thank you for writing in and sharing your enthusiasm of discovering new restaurants and new dishes like we discover new friends, but for our hungry and experienced palates. You know who you are.

In 2016, I travelled more than I have in any other year of my life so far. I apologise for not being able to publish this before the dawn of a new year, as I have unfailably for the previous four years.

Here’s hoping you enjoy what #BhookadRecommends and try your best to discover some of these experiences if not all, in 2017.

40 Best #BhookadRecommends from 2016

I was born and brought up in Tardeo and I took the local from Grant Road to Churchgate station every day for more than a decade: for schooling at St. Xavier's Boys' Academy and then attending (or bunking) lectures at Jai Hind College. I've grown up eating these #soft, #warm and #buttery Mawa Cakes at B. Merwan's and enjoyed various conversations over tea breaks with old friends from school and newer ones from college. From hiding a bag of 6 in the school bag (mostly for detention hours) to initiating group projects during BMM, these mawa cakes have rescued my day many times and all those memories came rushing back yesterday, when I tried it after a long time. Merwan's, it's really always a pleasure to be back for some more! #bmerwan #bmerwans #mawacake #teacake #cake #iranicafe #mumbai #lensplated #bhookadrecommends

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Since 2009, I used to work as an employee at different digital agencies before I quit my full-time career and started focussing on building @lensplate and @risevertise in April 2015. I never prefer to order #dumplings for delivery mainly because they get squished during transit; but my team of photographers and food stylists have usually opted to order and enjoy #AsianFood after working hours in our new office at Morya Landmark II in #Andheri. Yesterday, we ordered lots of food from Tao9 and enjoyed gobbling up these Spicy Veg Dumplings the most, with some equally spicy #schezwan sauce. Being a non-vegetarian, I rarely enjoy vegetarian #Asian food but if I'm willing to tag this delicious dish with #BhookadRecommends; I'm sure you know it's gonna be worth trying for all of you as well. Happy ordering and happy hogging! #foodofmumbai #powai #tao9delivery #lensplated

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Happy hogging!
Hope you have a great year in 2017! 

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  • Ria

    Written on February 28, 2017

    I am a big fan of food photography. Your clicks look so amazing! So much better than the random people out there on Instagram and Facebook who just overshare food photographs with #FoodPorn and #Foodie.
    There is a movement that is going on against such people. Check it out! And also spread the word with #KeepItPersonal 🙂


    • Adarsh Munjal

      Written on March 7, 2017

      Thanks, Ria. If you’d like to work on a project or two with team Lensplate; I’d love to meet you and connect you to the production team. I think you are talented enough to gain technical and professional photo-shoot experience out of us. You can write to me on adarsh@risvertise.com to discuss this.


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