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Hi! I am Adarsh, Also known as The Big Bhookad™

I am a 29 year old food-writer turned food-critic turned food-entrepreneur from Mumbai, popularly known as "The Big Bhookad" on digital and social media since 2009. As an aspiring food critic, I took it as my sincere responsibility in 2009 to share reliable recommendations from around the world to improve your culinary experiences, travel experiences and praiseworthy branded experiences in food and hospitality. 8 years later, I have stuck to that promise and I continue to share unbiased and genuinely opinionated content even today.

With over 10 years of work experience behind me, I kick-started my career as a copywriter in 2007, while I was still pursuing BMM from Jai Hind College. I finally decided to focus on my passion for food-entrepreneurial ambitions completely, so I quit my last full-time stint as the Creative Director of a leading digital agency in 2015.


Today, my life revolves around attending restaurant-launches, organising & directing food photography for various restaurants and traveling the world to explore culinary experiences for my readers. I am now also a proud co-founder of two agencies: Lensplate Photography & Risevertise Media.


Food Consultant: I love food more than I've ever loved anything else. From always being the chubby kid in school to growing up into an overactive in extra-curricular activities sort of bulky boy in college; I've always enjoyed eating and exploring new kinds of food since I can remember the oldest memory of myself. That passion has been fed as much as I have gone out to feed myself with the food I seek, along with the knowledge that comes along with it. I've worked with a few QSRs in Mumbai as a consultant and I would love to offer my two cents or help in ways that I can to promote and evolve your food model.

Food Photographer: Along with writing about food, I picked up a camera almost a decade ago and today that hobby has turned into my passion-oriented profession. At Lensplate, we perceive food as an esoteric kind of art. We understand the importance of display and presentation. We offer services in plating, styling and composing for photography: to bring out the best of your food (or ambiance) aesthetically and ensure the viewers visualise the complete experience, before they decide to choose you.

Content Creator: Some say I am too talkative and some say I am probably partially crazy. I like to believe that I have a fresh and distinct writing style and I have always worked under roles that can be defined as a thinker, creator, visualiser or conceptualiser in my career. I like to ideate and I love to execute most of those ideas that I can come up with, especially the ones that can elevate the brand's identity and communications, with mine. Videos, photos, blog posts, reviews or something out of the box; if I am given a chance to pitch, I'd love to give my best shot to crack your brief!

Call me maybe? :)

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