Review: 50% off During Lunch & Happy Hours at The blueFROG. (Mumbai)

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I’m back, back to share a fantastic new offer at one of the most iconic and renowned restaurants in Mumbai: The blueFROG.
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Blue Frog

Mathuradas Mills Compound, Kamala Mills Compound, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Phone: 022 40332300, 022 61586158

Chef Vikram Deshmukh has crafted this menu by observing customer tastes and implementing customer feedback regularly over the few years. The blueFROG recently launched its new menu with some exciting new special dishes, including heftier finger food, hearty sandwiches and happiness from the grill. Diners can now enjoy a 50% discount on their entire menu during lunch (11.30 am – 3 pm) and Happy Hours (6.30 – 8.30 pm).

Soup of The Day [Beef & Barley] (after discount, Rs. 125)

When it arrived on the table, the soup looked great and infused the air with a beautiful aroma but it failed to impress me completely. It was bland, it needed more vegetables and it definitely needed some acidity; maybe a dash of lemon juice and zest. After a few bites, when it cooled down, it tasted like pale flavourless dal. If this is the soup of the day when you visit blueFROG, please avoid ordering this dish.


Roasted peppers, Bocconcini & Palm Hearts Salad
(after 50% discount, Rs. 125)

One of the easiest ways to judge a good chef is by tasting salads made by him. It gives you an insight on his core knowledge and understanding of flavours and his expertise used in something as simple as a salad. This salad will make you realise that the chef is not any less than a genius. The roasted peppers were sweated to perfection and the addition of sundried tomatoes, olives, baby mozzarella, fresh basil & a splash of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic sauce pushed this dish beyond being ordinary. If I had a list of my top 10 favourite salads served at restaurants in Mumbai, this salad will definitely make it to that list. Highly recommended; don’t forget to try this!

Baby Chilli Poppers

(after 50% discount, Rs. 163)
Tiny white cheddar balls with fresh coriander were deep-fried and topped with tangy raw mango chutney… Sounds delicious right? Unfortunately, it wasn’t, it was highly disappointing. The texture of white cheddar was worse than spoilt paneer burji and it was a little too oily for anybody’s liking. Avoid ordering this one.

Tandoori Chicken Sloppy Joe Bites

(after 50% discount, Rs. 200)
If you like tandoori chicken or sloppy joe, you’ll like this dish. If you like both, you’re going to love it, just like I did! Grilled tandoori chicken smeared on toasted mini baguettes, topped with Frog’s special barbecue sauce. The chicken was perfectly cooked, the dish was hot and crispy, the sauces were tangy and pungent… what’s not to like? Have you ever had bite-sized-dreams about food? If not, now you will. Highly recommended; do try!

Baked Brie on Multigrain Puffs (after 50% discount, Rs. 163)

Perfectly flaky, buttery and crispy multigrain puffs topped with creamy brie cheese, pineapple compote & fresh tarragon springs. Simple, delicious and recommendable. I’d like to compliment the chef on his presentation skills, especially for this dish.

Crumb Fried Pork Belly Crisps (after 50% discount, Rs. 188)

Perfectly crispy crumb-fried thin slices of pork belly in a tangy marinade were served with a sweet honey chilli dip. The meat was slightly overcooked and the dish needed a little more seasoning; however, not a bad attempt, not bad at all.

The Frog Galowti (after discount 50%, Rs. 225)

This is their house-specialty and also one of the most ordered dishes at the restaurant. Succulent and juicy mini beef patties (kebabs) on soft bread, served with onion and fresh mint salad + apple and coriander chutney. The meat was perfectly cooked and the the chutney is a perfect match for the dish! If I had to rate this dish, I’d say 4.5/5! Highly recommended; do try it! 

Cinnamon Roasted Red Pumpkin Tartlets (after discount 50%, Rs. 138)

Order this dish only if you like cinnamon! The tartlets were cooked perfectly and the kidney bean salsa on the side was yummy too, but the red pumpkin was not the star of the dish, as we expected it to be. Overall, it was delicious but not half has impressive as it sounded on the menu.

Roast Potato & Corn Patties (after discount 50%, Rs. 138)

Vegetarians be careful! The patties were ridiculously overcooked; the potatoes had melted and turned into inedible gooey substance inside. This dish might look very tempting on the menu but it’s so oily that Saudi Arabia is planning to invade it! One word advice: AVOID.


After a tasting filled with mixed verdicts, we were hoping the main course is not a roller-coaster ride as we ordered only 1 dish each. Luckily, both the dishes we tried, were SPECTACULAR!

Golden Sweet Potato Gnocchi (after discount 50%, Rs. 225)

Sometimes, chefs just need a simple dish like gnocchi to show off their skills and knowledge of cooking techniques. Beautifully golden-brown sweet potato gnocchi topped with olive tapenade and smothered in extraordinarily delicious blue cheese sauce… I won’t blame you if you’re drooling after reading that, right now. The olive tapenade contrasted well against the sweet potato and the blue cheese acted as a perfect catalyst to cut those contrasting flavours on your palate. Vegetarians, if you’re looking to have a party in your mouth for lunch, order this one blindly!

Linguine Chicken “Jaleo Peneo” (after discount 50%, Rs. 250)

Very few restaurants in Mumbai understand the importance of serving pasta “al dente” and I was glad to see this marked as the ‘house-special’ on the menu! Perfectly cooked spaghetti tossed in jalapeño chicken, extra virgin olive oil and trio of chillies, topped with parmesan and broccoli. The chicken was tender, soft and perfectly cooked. The spaghetti melted in my mouth within seconds after each bite. This deserves to be called a special dish. Highly recommended; go try it ASAP! 

Banana Frosted Bread Pudding

The pudding was served with Oreo crumbs, dulce de leche sauce and a blueberry compote and looked spectacular when it arrived on our table. Sadly, the flavours were not distinguishable and it was just too sweet for a second bite. The dulce de leche needed to be thicker, the compote needed more blueberry and the bland, excessively sweet pudding failed to save the day!

Single Malt Whiskey Tart (with mascarpone quenelle and brandy strips)

There’s a reason why dessert is served as the last course, it’s the restaurant’s last chance to win hearts and that’s exactly what happened with this tart. The tart was perfectly crusty and it was stuffed with smoky, roasted chopped nuts. The mascarpone quenelle looked gorgeous and it was perfectly light and fluffy too. I didn’t expect to see only ONE brandy strip and I’ve already spoken to the chef, and requested him add a couple of more strips to this dish. Overall, this was a completely satisfactory dessert. All’s well that ends well indeed.

blueFROG offers an experience with their extraordinary dishes, prompt service and an unforgettable decor and ambience. All that gets even better when you have to pay 50% less than usual.

Rate Card 

What’s Garma-Garam?
50% off during lunch hours (11.30 am – 3 pm) and Happy Hours (6.30 – 8.30 pm)!

What’s Thanda?
Some dishes need to get off the menu or improve immediately.

Dakaar Level

Will I go back?
For those lip-smacking galowti kebabs, sloppy joe bites and jalapeño chicken?

Happy Hogging! 🙂

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