Review: Tilt All Day. (Oasis Complex, Kamala Mills Compound, Worli, Mumbai)

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I’m back with another review but before I begin, I’d like to write about a small change this blog will incur from 2014. Due to constant criticism by readers, #BhookadPuns will be discontinued now. If you liked that segment and want it to come back, please write to me at thebigbhookad@gmail.com and tell me why I should consider using food puns in my reviews again.

Today, I will be reviewing Mumbai’s newest and hottest hangout: Tilt All Day.

Tilt All Day

Address: Oasis Complex, Kamala Mills Compound, near Smaash, Worli, Mumbai
Phone: 022 24927400, 022 24927200
Facebook: facebook.com/tiltallday
Twitter: twitter.com/tiltmumbai
Email: tiltallday@palatinehospitality.com

Located inside Kamala Mills (near Smaash), Tilt All Day is a modern, dynamic and unique restaurant-cum-lounge. Their 4000 Sq Feet space aims to target corporates with their specially set menus. The interiors represent a retro warehouse, which is a restaurant during the day and is transformed into a chic and urban lounge during the night.



A unique highlight of this place is the strategically installed strobe lights, which transform the visual atmosphere at fingertips, making the place uniquely vibrant after every click on a tiny remote. The space showcases a gradual transformation from the day to the evening, and finally at night it wondrously transforms into a jaw-droppingly trippy bar.


We were impressed with the quirky interiors and the overall visual experience offered by Tilt All Day, but did their food manage to impress us equally? Read on to find out.

I’ve quit drinking, well for a year at least, but Ravi, their manager, insisted I taste a few of their so called ‘signature’ cocktails, including their Tiramisu Martini. The usage of alcohol was more than required and the excessive flavour of mint overpowered all everything else. Also, there was a piece of soggy cookie inside it, which wasn’t appetising at all. To be honest, more than being disappointed, I was surprised how a place like that can afford to serve such awful cocktails. It seemed like lack of knowledge and experience in bartending to me.

Take my advice, order a nice refreshing mocktail instead and add your poison to it.


The Roasted Pumpkin Soup with oven roastic garlic (Rs. 175) was not thick and adequately silky. It was watery and the flavours were milder than necessary. We couldn’t taste the toasted garlic, it was almost nonexistent. This dish lacked clarity in flavours and failed terribly in execution too.

Their Chicken Broth with tortellini & oregano pesto drizzle (Rs. 225) was equally disappointing. It was oddly smelly and the chicken stock was unacceptably mild. Luckily, the French Onion soup (Rs. 225) was piping hot but it was nothing above average.

Avoid the soups, guys.
You’ll regret paying for it.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup with oven roastic garlic (Rs. 175)

Chicken Broth with tortellini & oregano pesto drizzle (Rs. 225)

French Onion Soup (Rs. 225)

Grilled Prawn & French Beans Salad with tahini vinaigrette (Rs. 355)
It was a cold dish and cold overcooked prawns never taste good. The beans were fresh an the dressing was subtly refreshing. Overall, the dish was above average, but nothing close to extraordinary.

Watermelon & Feta Salad with rocket and alfalfa (Rs. 325)
The watermelon and feta salad at Tilt All Day was nothing short of outstanding. The classic combination of fresh ingredients were presented beautifully and served as a great appetiser for our entire meal ahead. The bitter rocket leaves were the perfect catalyst for the sweetness of sliced watermelon and the creaminess of soft feta cheese. Start with this blindly; you won’t regret it.

Lamb Kibbeh served with lebneh and hummus (Rs. 395)
The kibbeh kebabs were soft and cooked to perfection but lacked that crunch of pine nuts as promised on the menu. The salad was drenched in lemon juice with the combination of creamy hung curd and hummus, which elevated the flavours of those juicy kebabs beautifully. Non-vegetarians and lamb-lovers, don’t forget to order this one.

Cottage Cheese Stuffed Jacket Potatoes (Rs. 295)
Honestly, this dish was a lost cause. The skin of the potato wasn’t crisp, it was as overcooked and ended up as soft and mushy as the cottage cheese. The jalapeños were visible but we couldn’t taste them adequately in any bite. Please avoid ordering this one.

Panko Crusted Blue Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms (Rs. 310)
The blue cheese mushrooms was the biggest disaster that night. Too small, too oily and too disappointing. Zero marks to the chef on this one. Don’t even bother reading the name of this dish on the menu.

Green Tea Infused Scottish Salmon with leeks and asparagus fondue (Rs. 995)
The salmon was slightly overcooked and according to the menu, the risotto was not supposed to be a part of this dish. However, the leek fondue was fresh and perfectly creamy but the taste of green tea was nonexistent. Overall, it would’ve been a great dish if the salmon was cooked to perfection.


Capriccioso Pizza: pesto, bell peppers, sundried tomato & jalapeños (Rs. 250)
The pesto pizza was very simple but completely extraordinary. The flatbread was crisp and the addition of jalapeños and sundered tomatoes gave it an extra touch of magic. At Rs. 250, it was great value for money, too.

Surf N Turf – Fillet Mignon with Baby Lobster (Rs. 1800)
The lobster was fresh and perfectly cooked. Unfortunately, the beef was a little too rare for my liking. I wasn’t asked my preference for the meat, which honestly, wasn’t expected from the over-friendly and over-talkative management at Tilt All Day. Overall, for 1800, this promising dish was an unsatisfactory attempt by the chef.

A space that transforms every time you visit and a shape-shifter that surprises you constantly, sounds very interesting for a first-visit, but if the management continues teething like this, Tilt All Day won’t shine for long and eventually fizzle out like most iconically innovative places do in this chaotic city of lights. 

Rate Card 

What’s Garma-Garam?
The place offers a never-seen-before experience with its uber-cool game of lights.

What’s Thanda?
The standard of food and cocktails needs to be reconsidered by the management. Also, no desserts!

Dakaar Level

Will I go back?
Unless I have to prove how cool the place is to someone, I don’t think so.

Happy hogging! 🙂

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  • k10

    Written on February 10, 2014

    The presentation looks last minute. How can any place that charges you for food go so sloppy on presentation?

  • siddhant parekh

    Written on June 2, 2014

    hey guys , so ive been wanting to go to these type of restaurants but they were too high in cost terms, i looked on google for deals and found a great site called urban restro,they give almost 40 % off on most places , you should check it out


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