The Big Bhookad™ is now #MovingForward.

So the time has come for me to lay rest, 
What I had set out to create, something close to best

An enriching attempt to debut this on your TV screen,
Became a journey to places I have heard of but never seen
Due to trials and (t)errors that plague us all,
I pick myself back up, ready to move, not afraid to fall
Chameleons honoured me by showcasing their true nature,
One can use one’s own sense, and see the real picture
I can feel the love of my mother’s prayers,
The Big Bhookad is not a belly that can be fed by betrayers
A fan of fedoras, I’ll now continue to wear many hats,
Look ahead in the direction of hope, and play more bets
A creative writer, photographer, actor and a lost cook,
It’s time, let me now create Adarsh Munjal’s own storybook
Cheers to the year gone by and becoming my boss full-time!
I’ve defeated my illusions and listened to my heart’s rhyme
Let’s pick up our cameras, a fork and a knife
Let me be a connoisseur of food, with an appetite for life.
– x – x – x – x – x – x –
It’s the 4th day of 2016 and I’m immensely proud to announce the launch of my YouTube channel with all of you.
We have shared the first of many videos we are going put out this year. It’s called “THE BIG HUNGER CHALLENGE” and it features the baddest, meanest and BIGGEST quesadilla available in India! 
Full props to Cafe Nemo at Worli to pull this challenge off so well! Kudos to their chef’s talent and spirit too! Enjoy watching the first ever episode of The Big Hunger Challenge!
Don’t forget to subscribe to my new channel and keep watching my newest videos on YouTube!
Happy watching!

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