Vaya Tyffyns | Product Review

This review goes out to all you 9-to-5 men and women, especially those who carry their lunch in a dabba every day to work, like I do.

I am a 29-year-old copywriter turned creative director turned food-critic and now turned entrepreneur from Mumbai in India. With over 10 years of work experience behind me, I kickstarted my career as a copywriter in 2007, while I was still pursuing BMM from Jai Hind College. I finally decided to focus on my passion for food and decided to shift my focus to entrepreneurial ambitions completely in 2015.

That year, I left my last full-time job as the Creative Director of a leading digital agency called The Glitch, and today my life revolves around attending several restaurant-launches in my city, executing food photography for various brands across the country; and blessfully traveling the world to explore recommendable culinary and cultural experiences for my readers and followers. I am now a proud co-founder of two agencies: Lensplate Photography & Risvertise Media.

Our start-up was founded in October 2015 and our office is opposite Infiniti Mall in Andheri. I have been carrying garma-garam mommade ghar ka khana from home and I was looking for an perfectly portable and well-designed tiffin since then.

This is the email I received from them after placing my order.

On 15th November 2016, I managed to stumble upon Vaya’s first product, The Tyffyn 1000; and I couldn’t resist placing a pre-order for the ‘maple’ variant after watching their product-video and reading all about it on their website.

What my Vaya 1000 Tyffyn looked like after unboxing it.

Vaya Tyffyn 1000 ml: The 3-container vacuum-insulated lunchbox I had ordered, looked promising to be my new lunch gear for carrying hot and fresh home-cooked meals. It promised to preserve the aromas of masalas in my mom’s food and also ensure ghee-topped chappatis to stay as soft as they should be.

If you’d like to know more about Vaya 1000, you can watch this video below:

What my tiffin usually comes with: food cooked by Maa.

The high-quality, copper-finished, well-designed and smart-sized stainless steel containers of this tiffin and its leak-resistant double-shot lids were the main USPs that pushed me to purchase this product impulsively. I am not the kind who pre-orders anything and always refers to (and also compare) several reviews of a product online, before purchasing it.

I’ve used the Vaya 1000 for almost 4 months now and I must confess that their trademarked VacuTherm insulation involving double-walled high-vacuum insulated stainless steel tiffins, successfully traps the heat inside for at least 3 to 4 hours. In my daily usage, I’m glad that I have never experienced any kind of leakage but the product has experienced a little wear and tear so far.

The lid is not easily openable, especially for stubby fingers like mine.

What I liked the most about my Vaya Tyffyn was the BagMat that came along with it. It’s an incredibly smart shoulder bag that helps me carry it and smartly unzips into a tablemat during lunches. With a layer of water-resistant coating, the BagMat is also extremely easy to clean and maintain for daily usage.

I have a knack of buying a lot of things during my birthday month, which is February, and on 20th February 2017 to be precise, I received an emailer from Team Vaya informing me about the launch of their new variant: Vaya Tyffyn 600.

What the Vaya 600 looks like after unboxing.

I have saved that cardboard box too, ’cause it’s so cool!

The Vaya 600 Tyffyn is much more compact than the Vaya 1000.

I discovered the new Tyffyn 600 to be a much smaller two container and vaccum-insulated tiffin, which was cheaper for me with a new option of not purchasing another BagMat with it. I thought this new product by Vaya would definitely be smaller for me as it would carry less food than what I usually do. So I decided to purchase the purple ‘wool’ variant as a gift for Snehsha Tank instead: my best friend and my business partner at Lensplate & Risevertise.

Happy to see a better copper finish on the newer 600 variant!

I was happier to notice a better lock on the new variant too!

This newbie also came with the newly upgraded half-moon lids, unlike the unopenable lids seen in my previous Tyffyn 1000, which was honestly quite a relief because these lids are now much easier to open. Looks like someone at Vaya’s office takes feedback by customers and general quality control very seriously.

Difference between the new lid (left) and the old one (right).

Vaya is soon going to be sending new lids to old customers as well. Yay!

The new variant comes only with two tiffins of 300ml each but it also comes with two rubber-partitions that enable users like me to carry more food, up to four different dishes to be precise.

These new rubber partitions brought in more utility!

What Snehsha’s tiffin now looks like! Purple coloured variant for her!

It’s been over a month since Snehsha and I carry our Vaya Tyffyns to work every day and it would be safe to say, we’re now enjoying carrying something much more portable and something that keeps our food much hotter than our previous tiffins.

What our lunch time looks like now, with my Vaya 1000 & her Vaya 600.

Happy business-partners sharing lunch together in office 🙂

Thank you team Vaya for pioneering in what you’ve come up with and also constantly innovating and bettering your products for customers like me. I cannot wait to see what your next tyffyn looks like and I sincerely hope you guys are already working on the next variant.

Yours Truly,
The Big Bhookad™

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